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After purchasing a wakeboard, it’s essential that you choose yourself the correct wakeboard bindings. This will ensure you have the best possible experience on the water. In order to choose the boots/bindings that are best for you – it’s important for you to understand why flex, binding styles, and fit are all so important! Having a good set of wakeboard bindings can help you achieve more in the water, and so there are a few things you should consider when looking for your perfect pair.

Let’s go over some of the things you should consider when looking for the best wakeboard bindings.

What Are Wakeboard Bindings?

what are wakeboard bindings

The wakeboard bindings are what tie the wakeboard to your feet. They are often referred to as wakeboard boots, and the way they fit will build or destroy your experience of wakeboarding. The boots are actually so necessary that most riders prefer to have their own set of bindings irrespective of whether they share a wakeboard.

Fortunately, the bindings are easily exchanged, and most can fit on any wakeboard so that each rider can guarantee the safest and most relaxed ride they can have!

How to Choose the Right Wakeboard Bindings

There are several factors to consider when choosing hyperlite wakeboard bindings. These include flex, style, boot, price, brand and fit. Let’s take a more indepth look at some of the variables.


When the time comes to select your boots, flex is one of the most significant variables to take into consideration. Flex refers to how versatile it is and can vary from rigid to very flexible. This is a personal preference – for greater ankle support and pace, some riders prefer rigid boots, while others prefer a softer flex that helps them to manoeuvre the board better when performing tricks. It is recommended that beginners begin with bindings that are more flexible.

Binding Style

Different boots, including laces with fasteners, velcro belts, and Boa lacing systems, offer different closure types. This is a personal preference, and when securing their boots, riders should consider what would be most comfortable for them. Velcro straps and the Boa lacing method are simpler than laces to achieve a tighter fit.

Will They Fit All Wakeboards?

For you to get the best wakeboard ride possible, how your boots suit you is also important. You want it to be snug with your fitments, but not so much that it’s uncomfortable. Most boot binding sizes are based on standard shoe sizes, but there may be single-sized higher end bindings. In order to ensure that the fit is right, always try on the boots. Some riders are going to use heat-moldable liners that will make the bindings fit even better.

A little more breathing space is provided by open-toed bindings, so more shoe styles will fit into one boot size. This is the perfect choice for those of you who are intent upon sharing the boots with others of a similar size shoe to yourself, or if you have children who may grow into them. Closed-toed boots provide a more precise fit that is desirable to more seasoned riders wanting more control and leverage.

Using a high-back frame and ratchet straps around the ankles and toes, there are also device bindings that serve as extra support. These allow you to further customize the bindings, but most will only fit one kind of specifically built boot.

Boots with hinges allow riders to get on and off of the wakeboard with ease. They are essentially a hinge on the boot’s heel that enables you to strap yourself down to the board and unstrap yourself all with the movement of the hinged lever.

What Are The Best Wakeboard Bindings?

All of their time and energy is mostly concentrated on deciding their next wakeboard purchase. It is much less exciting and becomes an afterthought of what the right wakeboard bindings are for them. It may, however, be argued that the most critical aspect of the setup is what secures you to your board and enables you to control it. There is a range of flex ratings, lacing systems and various toe designs at your disposal and you can really dial in a wakeboard kit. The days of requiring dish soap to get into a pair of wakeboard bindings are gone. Here are our picks for the best 2020 wakeboard bindings – they are easy to put on, comfortable, and ready to take your on-water success to the next stage.

Hyperlite Defacto 2020 Wakeboard Bindings

Hyperlite 2020 Defacto Wakeboard Bindings

At S2AS, take a peek at the new 2020 Hyperlite Defacto Wakeboard Bindings! The Defacto is a new-looking universal mounted wakeboard binding built on top of Hyperlite’s Fusion Plate Framework. A separate Insole, Midsole and Outsole are included in the 3-Part construction, providing the fit and function Wakeboarders need to advance their riding. A tailored fit backed by Hyperlite’s HyperCush Insole is provided by Dual Lace Zones paired with an Upper Ankle Power Strap.

Liquid Force 2020 Classic 6X Wakeboard Bindings

Liquid Force Wakeboard Bindings

The Classic 6X is a modern offering that is already considered an instant classic by Liquid Force. For riders still looking to advance their abilities, this binding is a closed-toe boot alternative, which shows attention to detail in all the critical areas. To absorb high impact landings, a reflexive liner with impact cushioning matches well with the Honeycomb baseplate. Simple entry and customisable fit are made possible by the dual locking lace zones and a back cuff stretch zone. It’s too advanced for you if you’ve considered a closed toe wakeboard binding, but uncertain, not with the Classic 6X anymore. We highly recommend this product.

RONIX 2021 Atmos EXP Wakeboard Bindings

ronix wakeboarding boots

Take a peek at the new 2020 Ronix Supreme EXP Wakeboard Bindings! A walkable Intuition + liner and an adaptive MainFrame chassis harnessed together with SuperStraps are supported by the Atmos EXP boot. Designed with Ronix’ distinctive Walkable Technology, this binding enables the wearer to hold the liners on for pace and ease of use when walking back around the cable.

Hyperlite 2020 Team X Wakeboard Bindings

hyperlite boot

The new Team X Wakeboard Bindings 2020 Hyperlite is a gorgeous boot! From over 20 years of wakeboarding, the experience of Shaun Murray has been poured into Team X Binding. Comfort is guaranteed and the service is adjustable with dual lace areas designed around the latest Hyperlite custom technology. We replied with the team when asked to build the perfect all around boot. This is the right boot for you, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting comfortable standing sideways.

The Best Wakeboard Bindings For Kids

Hyperlite 2020 Remix Kid’s Wakeboard Bindings

hyperlite kids wakeboarding boots

The Best Wakeboard Bindings For Women

Hyperlite 2020 Viva Women’s Wakeboard Bindings

womens hyperlite boots

Take a look at the best wakeboard bindings for women in the UK – the 2020 Hyperlite Viva Women’s wakeboarding boot! With the Viva boot, Ladies rejoice, and the custom look, feel and support it provides makes this product a premium must-have product, especially if you love riding the wake.