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SEO and Web Design Kings lynn


Rivmedia designed, developed and created this innovative website. Their company is headquartered in Kings Lynn, and they offer more than just amazing website design.

What Services Do Rivmedia Provide?

Rivmedia is a highly skilled digital agency, they can handle everything from your instagram feed to the blog on your website, if you’re looking for a company that can take care of everything for you while you concentrate on looking after your business then Rivmedia are the company to go with. They’re affordable and always go the extra mile to push small businesses and startups into the limelight. Take a look at the services they provide below.

SEO Services For Small Businesses

Small business owners often struggle to take time out to ensure their website it tip top and pulling in custom. That’s why it’s essential you have an Norfolk SEO expert to work on your site to ensure your site is ranking, stays ranking or gets to those ranking positions you need to be able to grow your business and income.

SEO Services For Mid Size, Larger Companies & Corporations

For larger companies who require extra content, a more in-depth SEO service both on-site and off-site then Rivmedia are perfect. They will take care of your every need so you won;t have to worry about a drop in custom because of your online ranking positions.

Website Design Kings Lynn

Small businesses are mostly guilty of having a bad website design. DIY jobs and throw together sites no longer cut it and security may become an issue as technology and hackers evolve. Having a professionally designed website will ensure you look professional and it will enable you to get more leads for your products or services. Rivmedia can manage everything for you, even your site’s security.

Website Maintenance Services

The process of maintaining a website and keeping it error-free and up-to-date is often referred to as website maintenance. Rivmedia offers website maintenance plans to keep your website updated, ensure it’s always customer-friendly, and safe and secure from hackers or site intruders.

Google Maps Marketing & SEO

Rivmedia take a consolidated approach to local SEO that combines Google My Business optimisation, on-site optimisation for google maps, review generation for google, and other google map SEO strategies. From ranking Google Maps results to ensuring your place in the local top 3-pack listings. Rivmedia also provides Google Maps marketing and SEO services to provide a multi-faceted approach for all types of businesses and enterprises.

Digital Content Creation

The production of digital content takes many forms. From images on your website to contact forms, blogs and videos. Rivmedia ensures that the digital content is thought-provoking, making sure it conveys a message and engages with the customer so they engage with the site.

Why Choose Rivmedia As Your Website Design Company?

Rivmedia is friendly, thorough and attentive to its customers. By raising their search ratings, increasing their conversions, and providing customers with more value for their money, they pride themselves on pushing others to the forefront in their field.


  1. Responsive mobile sites
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Off-site SEO
  4. Article & Blog Writing Services
  5. Regular backup, Free SSL (https)
  6. A+ Scored lightning-fast web server hosting.
  7. Excellent continued support.
  8. Professionally Designed Websites
  9. A content management system to suit your needs
  10. Excellent Marketing

Have A Business That Needs A Better Online Presence?

You can contact Rivmedia via their website at www.rivmedia.co.uk.