How To Choose Your First Wakeboard?

guide to choosing your first wakeboard

guide to choosing your first wakeboard

Once you’ve caught the wakeboarding bug, there is no going back. It’s one of the most addictive sports that exists, and it’s not just because of the great workout it gives you. Wakeboarding is exhilarating and scream-a-minute fun. Beginners will want to keep going and once competent on the water they’ll be wakeboarding for yonks.

You’ll find yourself yearning to wakeboard at every opportunity and looking forward to every session you have booked behind a boat. It’s pretty darn addictive! Those already accustomed to boarding life like snowboarders and skateboarders will take the wakeboarding like a duck to water.

If you’ve never boarded on the water, you’re going to need to get yourself a wakeboard – you’re skateboard won’t cut it being towed by a boat on the water now, will it!? Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to know about before buying your first wakeboard.

What Type Of Wakeboard Should You Buy?

Three types of wakeboards exist:

  1. Beginners Wakeboards
  2. Intermediate Wakeboards
  3. Advanced Wakeboards

Beginner boards tend to be far more forgiving than intermediate and advanced boards. Like surfing and snowboarding, getting a specialised board too early on isn’t worth it. You could wound up hampering your development if you get too far ahead of yourself board wise.

What Do Wakeboards For Beginners Look Like?

Beginner wakeboards usually have squared off edges which enables the riders to have a more stable, controlled wakeboarding experience. You won’t be landing tricks just yet so it’s best to get yourself started with a board so you can gain more confidence on the water when you’re being towed.

Should You Choose A Single or Twin Tipped Wakeboard?

Wakeboards can either be single-tipped or double-tipped. Single-tipped boards are used mostly to go in one direction because they have one pointed end and one square end. Tin-tipped wakeboards can go in both directions. Most wakeboards these days are twin-tipped, so if you want a single-tipped wakeboard, you may have to find a specialist seller.

wakeboard size chart calculator (1)

How Big Should Your Wakeboard Be?

You should choose a wakeboard that is suited to your weight and height. Here’s a table so you can calculate the perfect wakeboard size for you before buying.

If you’re a beginner, you will need to choose a slightly bigger board as these will be easier for you to learn on and a great way to build confidence and practise your balancing skills while training. If you’re more experienced and you want to do more tricks then a wider board may be the best option, they don’t carve as well in the water but great for landing from heights.

How Much Should Your Wakeboard Curve?

How much your wakeboard curves at the ends is known as the rocker. A board with a lot of rocker has a more rounded bottom while a low rocker board has a base that is flatter. A board with a continuous rocker has a more of a gradual curve in the base – these are the best boards for beginners to medium intermediate. Continuous rocker boards provide a more predictable and smoother ride experience.

A three-stage rocker will have a more aggressive feel and performs much better when the wake is lifted. Less rocker ensures more power goes smooth, while more rocker allows landing jumps and tricks to be completed with ease.

What Kind Of Fins Should My Wakeboard Have?

Fins assist in guiding the wakeboard. Deeper or longer fins create a more stable board which is great for beginners. Nonetheless, you may want to look at shallower fins as you advance. Shallower fins allow for quicker reaction and smoother turns, or even no fins at all. Try to start with a board with removable fins, and see what you prefer.

What Are Bindings & Do I Need Them?

Bindings are vitally essential. You have to make sure that you pick a strong set of bindings, so your feet are protected. They need to be snug but not uncomfortable on your feet.

cost of beginners wakeboards

How Much Do Beginners Wakeboards Cost?

Wakeboards may not be the cheapest sporting equipment online, but it depends how much you value the fun factor of your sporting activities over buying a piece of gym equipment or a set of golf clubs over screaming with laughter with the wind blowing through your hair whilst being pulled along the water by a speedboat! I know which piece of kit I’d rather invest in!

We hope you found this guide to how to choose your first wakeboard useful. Take a look at our beginner’s wakeboards in our online wakeboarding shop.