What Are The Health Benefits Of Wakeboarding?

health benefits OF WAKEBOARDING

health benefits OF WAKEBOARDING

Do you enjoy activities like surfing, water skiing, and snowboarding? If you do or if they’re activities you’d like to get into then you’ll love wakeboarding.

There are many health benefits for those who wakeboard, see it’s not just fun weekend activity, its actually a great calorie burner, great for your arms and legs and is an excellent way of taking your mind off everything going on in the world. The best part is that while you’re wakeboarding, you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even realise its benefits.

The question is, what are the health benefits of wakeboarding? Let’s find out.

Wakeboarding is Great exercise

Wakeboarding is not only enjoyable, but it also takes a lot of energy when you use your hands to grip the rope and conduct air tricks. Essentially, it’s a whole-body workout that is really successful. Wakeboarding is a perfect way to preserve a safe and balanced body and mind.

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It Strengthens Your Arm & Leg Muscles

When you are wakeboarding, you have to stretch, fight and maintain poses for short and long periods of time. Sometimes you do need to draw on these held positions and either erupt or shift to perform tricks and tactics from such static flexed positions. This really strengthens your arm and leg muscles and can help you burn calories too.

It Improves Flexibility in Your Hands & Feet

Sudden shifts of direction and location are needed, mainly dependant upon the movement of the boat and the shift of waves, daily practise increases the flexibility of your hands and feet as well as connecting joints.

It Can Improve Your reaction Time & Versatility h

As you’ll need to change direction and stay focused on your movements on the water, wakeboarding allows the boarder to improve upon their reaction times and become more versatile with their technical. Regular participation in the sport will, for sure improve your reaction time and your ability to adapt both on the water and off.

You Can Develop Your Hand-Eye Coordination & Balance

Stability and balance are the fundamentals of wakeboarding and crucial components. Many of the tricks often involve fast hand turns, rotations, and leaps — both involving excellent hand-eye coordination and balance.

swimming sills for wakeboarding

You Can Improve Your Swimming Skills

You will no doubt end up in the water at some point, and that means that you’ll have to brush up on your swimming skills. Remember that you’ll be falling off and hitting some of those waves the boat was pulling you leaves behind.

Improves Your Mind

The adrenaline alone suffices to relieve a wakeboarder from the stresses of day-to-day life. Add the feel-good endorphins on the surface from the physical exercise, and it contributes to a happier human! Wakeboarding is a great way to focus on something invigorating and fun, in our view, there’s probably no better way to escape your own mind than to spend an hour or so wakeboarding to your heart’s content!

Wakeboarding is A Fantastic Outdoor Water Based Workout

In 2008, a Scottish Health Survey found that outdoor physical activity had a 50%+ positive effect rate on mental health compared with going to the gym. In 2011 a similar study found that outdoor exercise was linked with a decreased amount of tension, anger and depression when compared to indoor sports and activities. Thus proving that wakeboarding should have a similar effect on those who enjoy it as a sport or water-based activity.

Improves Your Social Life

Wakeboarding is fun, and it’s a great way to show off or simply have a laugh in front of or with your friends and family. Wakeboarding is an excellent opportunity to strengthen family bonds and reconnect with friends doing something you will enjoy. It’s also a great way to meet new people and make new friends. There are some excellent wakeboarding clubs that you can join and lots of related activities you can take part in.

It’s An Immensely Fun Activity!

Apart from wakeboarding, you can also use time at the beach, lake, wakeboarding centre or reservoir to do and see other activities come rain or shine. If you’re out wakeboarding in the sun then you’ll get a daily dose of exercise, vitamin D as well as having an excellent, fun time on the water.

We hope you found our answers useful. Wakeboarding is a super sporty activity that can improve your life. Click here to take a look at some of our wakeboards and set your new hobby into motion on the water this weekend!