Is It Possible To Wakeboard Behind Any Boat?

wakeboarding boats

wakeboarding boats

The quickest answer to the title question is no. It’s not possible to wakeboard behind any boat. When a boat is moving, it creates an endless wave as a direct result of the boats hull.

Boarding behind this type of artificially made wave is also known as wakeboarding or wake surfing. Due to risk of injury, you should never wakeboard behind a boat that has an outboard motor or an inboard/outboard motor.

If your boat doesn’t have a surf system, you will need to purchase a wake shaper to create back waves.

Sadly, You Can’t Wakeboard Behind Any Boat.

A lot of people don’t really understand what it takes to wakeboard safely behind a boat. There aren’t aware that not all boats can be wakeboarded behind. There are many measures that must be put in place to wakeboard safely behind a boat.

wakeboarding boat

How To Set Up Your Boat For Wakeboarding?

Knowing how to set up your boat to pull a wakeboarder can improve your wakeboarding experience. Technically, every boat can do it, as long as the motor is powerful enough to lift a border up to get up to pace. Specific inboard-engine ski and wakeboarding boats are however more ideal than outboards of any type. As you advance in ability, you’ll want a different ski/wakeboard boat that can produce a larger wake.

How To Add A Towing Rope To A Boat For Wakeboarding

Buy a rope specifically designed for wakeboarding. Ski ropes work quite well for advanced tricks and jumps but can too stretchy. A specific line designed for wakeboards generally has very little stretch but has removable sections for a personalised length and a better grip.

The next thing you need to do is attach the rope to the boat. Non-ski boats tend to have an attachment close to the rear. Ski boats also have a pylon next to the boat’s middle. Wakeboarding boats usually have a full tower attached to the boat’s sides, extending over the boat, with the rope attachment at the top in the centre. You ‘re ready for some simplistic wakeboarding action, after attaching the rope to the boat.

Pylon Extenders

If you’re using a pylon (not a tower), you can use a pylon extender. This raises 4 or 5 feet higher on the rope attachment, allowing for better takeoff. Pylon extenders slip over existing pylons.

Adding Weight To Your Boat For Wakeboarding

To improve wake size add weight to a wakeboard-specific boat. To do wake-to-wake jumps and in-air tricks, you need a big wake. This reduces the boat as it moves in the ocean, rising the wake pressure and its duration. Wakeboard-specific boats are also fitted with ballast tanks-only turn a switch and the weight is immediately applied. When you’re done the same switch empties the weight.

Use a “fat sack” to add weight to a non-wakeboard-specific boat which is a bladder of water filled with an electric pump or garden hose. These easily fill in, add hundreds of pounds of weight and easily empty out. You can use a few of them, place the first one in the boat’s rear, and evenly put more sacks around the boat. Be cautious not to offer more weight than prescribed by your boat maker.

Also, you can add weight using concrete or water-filled plastic buckets, sandbags, or lead dumbells. Place the weight around the boat evenly, with a focus on the rear. Adding extra people to your boat gives extra weight as well. You could take your mates out with you while pulling a wakeboarder, but don’t exceed the boat manufacturer’s recommended number of people.

You shouldn’t add more load than the supplier suggests for your boat. This can both reduce manoeuvrability and raise the chance of capsizing/sinking. Begin slowly with a smaller wake. Once this setup is outgrown by your skill level, add more weight and try various speeds.

wakeboarding park

Can You Wakeboard Without A Boat?

If you don’t have a boat that can pull you, then you are not out of luck! There are towing parks across the whole country where you can learn to wakeboard by being pulled along a cable system.

There is also a company in the USA who is hoping to launch an electric fin making it possible to wakeboard without the need for anyone elses assistance and without the need of a wake park! Wakeboarding along the UK’s waterways sounds pretty awesome!

Take a look at our list of some of the best wake parks in the UK by clicking here alternatively, if you are interested in buying your own wakeboarding gear click here to go to our shop.